A Satanic Grimoire, WritBound in Skin, and Lots of Tasty Recipes!

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Welcome to Gastronomie D’Enfer, the best food magazine in the entire world. Please note that the articles in Gastronomie D’Enfer are NOT available on the internet; hard copies can be purchased online through our store
or from one of our many fine retail outlets.

Gastronomie D’Enfer is a vegan and gluten-free publication. The paper itself is gluten-free and vegan, I mean. The recipes are carnivorous as fuck.

  • Yesssssssss. Carnivorous and demonic. I like it already. Satanic-sized congrats on the launch, my friend! ~J

  • Thank you for your insightful and alluring zine of zines. I learned nothing and feel great as i laughed off the calories of last nights 3 am beer fest alone. Keep it up. Where do i send my spare change to?

  • Stumbled upon your zine at Il Corvo. I blindly bought a copy because I like zines and always buy them when I find them in unexpected places (those are the best), then found a spot by myself near the window. I was snickering and chuckling and all the other stifled-laughter sounds when my name got called by a gentleman holding my plate of pasta. I almost missed him because I was so stoked on the writing and structure of the zine. A clever take down of the industry from an insider. Darkly funny and beautifully explicit.

    Thank you.

  • i really liked your zine until i read that fucking garbage “grill your way to success” piece in the newest issue. if you don’t want people to “fucking contact you about this article” then don’t publish it. that shit is straight up sexist and racist and not funny at all. i get yr whole rude/crude/dude/anti-food-mag vibe but holy shit, draw a line somewhere. i’ll spend my five dollars a little more wisely next time. yalls are some fuccbois.

    • Hi there B,

      We have already refunded your money. GDE is not some shitty pyramid scheme, and we take complaints seriously. We hope you give us another shot next issue and we’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the July edition.


      Your Friend the Surly Motherfucking Gourmand

      PS Fuck off

  • Hello I really like your book/mag. I was wondering what the sigil is on the front of the book. I’ve been learning Batphamat and studying the occult. It’s so fun. But I cant for the love of god and Satan Figure out what that sigil means and how it is used hermetically…….Brilliant application using the occult, batphamat and food

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