A Satanic Grimoire, WritBound in Skin, and Lots of Tasty Recipes!

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Subscription Sample Covers
Subscriptions to Gastronomie D’Enfer are no longer available, but you can buy back issues below.¬†Human existence is futile; life, love, and experience are fleeting. Godspeed and good luck.¬†


Back Issues!

Back Issues
Did you miss an issue for some fucking reason? Well now you can redeem yourself because HERE ARE THE BACK ISSUES! These are not reprints: they are original, first-run issues. There are a limited number available, so get them while they last. Or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.


Buy Stickers

A sheaf of Gastronomie d'Enfer stickers

Buy one of these 3″ X 6″ Gastronomie D’Enfer bumper stickers and impress your friends with your crappy sticker! But maybe your friend isn’t impressed by your sticker. Maybe your friend makes fun of your sticker instead. Maybe you buy 100 more. Maybe your friend wakes up bricked behind a wall, those same Gastronomie D’Enfer stickers plastered over his eyes, nose, and mouth. Who’s laughing now, “friend?”




These coasters are perfect for resting your drink on, while you sit in a darkened room, waiting to die. At least you won’t have left a ring on the coffee table when your landlord finds your body! You get a pack of four, just in case you have a tendency to leave four half-finished glasses of Frangelico lying around.

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